Free Simple Backside T-shirt Mockup PSD

 Free Simple Backside T-shirt Mockup PSD

T-shirts are now recognized as the "everyday" outfit. All you have to do is choose one with a style you like and couple it with jeans and black trousers, so it's strange to think that they began with workers slicing their jumpsuits so they can keep it casual. And while they are considered to be the epitome of laziness, artists still have some work to do, be it for the front or the back. This is another t-shirt mockup from Anamika Modok, a free resource that focuses on the backside of the clothing object so you can post logo designs, typography designs, drawings, and a variety of artwork professionally. The t-shirt also has folds and creases from the collar down to the body caused by the young man wearing it, which will remain until the graphics are applied, so modernity and realism can be elements of your scene with this freebie that helps you to customize the t-shirt and its color using Adobe Photoshop.

Software / Format: PSD

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